Social Campaigns : Art of Visual Persuasion. Its Psychology, Its Semiotics, Its Rhetoric

What is a Social Campaign? Creating a campaign is a creative and technical process where areas of Art and Science come together. Aspects of the visual language meet the know-ledge and scientific research results of social science. This thesis will…

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Defining and Describing Media Psychology

The Media Psychology Effect
Psychology Today: Here to HelpExamining psychology through media by Dr. Bernard Luskin
Media Psychology – a specialty in psychology, communication and technology

Ten years ago I published an article titled, “Media Psychology, A Field Whose Time is Here.”Variations were featured in The National Psychologist and The California Psychologist. My purpose in 2012 is to offer an updated description and definition of Media Psychology that has evolved during the decade since these articles were published and in the fifteen years that has passed since the milestone APA Media Psychology Division (46) Task Force Study defining media psychology and new technologies was released.

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